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  • Why Art & Soul exist and Need of Art Therapy

    Art & Soul ART THERAPY You’ll know how relaxing art therapy can be if you’ve been involved in it. Art therapy can help you overcome anxiety, conflict, and addictions. Art therapy was only available in select settings, such as hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. But its reach has expanded. Art therapy has been shown to have a positive […]

  • Art therapy is like anti-stress which can be practice anywhere

    Anti-Stress Art Therapy Can Be Practiced Anywhere Art therapy promotes creativity and self-expression, which are often suppressed in the workplace. However, it can be used to combat negative emotions in the workplace. Art therapy can be done alone or with the assistance of a professional therapist, though it is always recommended to seek the advice of […]

  • You don’t have to say it how you feel

    It doesn’t matter how you feel. It can be hard to discuss and process certain aspects of a stressful lifestyle. Art therapy does not require that its practitioners verbally express the stress they experience. Instead, they can express their feelings and let go of their unhappiness through art therapy. Anyone, even artists, can enjoy these benefits. […]

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